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From: Jason Zawodniak Owner

Pittsburgh Personal Trainer


Dear Friend:


As a Pittsburgh personal trainer for the past eight years, I’ve helped hundreds of men and women in the area transform their bodies, and improve their health, their happiness and their lives.

I’ve found that most real people out there like you and me fit into two groups. First, you have everyday people who are sick and tired of bogus fad workouts and diets which don’t provide results.

These individuals have wasted time, money and energy on false claims and are in desperate need of a real, legitimate solution, and a complete transformation package with guaranteed results.

The second group of people are fitness enthusiasts who have had success, but since have plateaued and simply cannot find a way to make more progress.

With the right cutting-edge techniques, personalized workouts, one-on-one support and guidance, these individuals can push forward once again in no time at all.

The pictures below are real people from the Pittsburgh area that have transformed their lives at Fuse Fitness Studio.  Below the testimonials you’ll find our location, training times and other important information.

South Hills

I joined the personal training programs in January of 2011. I weighed in at 188 and now proud to say 149. I have lost close to three full sizes in clothes. I have never, ever been in a program where I have had such great results. I used to fight the diet and food every day. This program gave me the tools to work on my nutritional food intake with positive results. Their personal trainers our positive and great motivators. Without them and the program I wouldn’t have these kinds of results. I have more people telling me how fantastic I look now than ever. I absolutely love it!!! Not only did I see the results but made a lot of friends in the process. I would highly recommend this program to anyone. Hope to see you at class!!

“I have lost close to three full sizes in clothes!”

When I moved to Pittsburgh, it was a few months before my wedding, and I wanted to get a bit more in shape. Even though I was pretty active running 3-4 times a week, I had put on about 15 extra pounds (I had access to college dining hall so you know how dangerous that can be!). I met j, and through the year have noticed a real positive difference. I’ve lost 21 lbs overall and toned 5 lbs! I’ve toned up every part of my body- even places I didn’t know I could tone! Most importantly, my nutrition has improved a lot. I’ve learned a lot more about how to eat and when, which has been huge in my success. It happened gradually, but now looking at before and after shots, I’m shocked at the changes and feel empowered that I made it happen!

“ I've lost 21 lbs overall and toned up”
South Hills

Now that I’m 42, I noticed how quickly my weight was put on and how hard it was to get off.  Even though, I only needed to lose 10 pounds, I was eating very unhealthy and not happy with myself.  That’s when I heard about Fuse Fitness Studio’s personal training program and started right away.  I was hooked the very FIRST day.  I was so impressed with his dedication to this program and how much he truly cares about the health and well being of us ladies!  Since my eating habits have changed tremendously and I workout only 3 days a week, I feel so much better mentally and physically.  I was so amazed how fast I lost my 10 pounds. Thanks to the trainer at Fuse my energy is out of control and I love every minute of it!


“I was so amazed how fast I lost my 10 pounds!”
Mt Lebanon

After years of struggling with my weight I finally found the personal training and coaching that I needed to transform my body. Thanks to Fuse Fitness Studio I lost 23.5 pounds and toned up during the process! I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking a personal training program in Pittsburgh.

“I lost 23.5 pounds and toned up...”
Testimonial Picture

This program has been a fantastic experience! The workouts have exceeded my expectations. I am feeling great, and getting stronger with every workout. I look forward to continuing building my strength and endurance in the months to come. Fuse Fitness Studio Rocks icon smile Kaleigh

“This program has been a fantastic experience!”

Before I started the program “stress” was my middle name. My career took over my life and my priority of staying in shape and eating healthy was non-existent. My self-confidence dropped as I gained the weight. My pants became tighter and I couldn’t even stand to look myself in the mirror with a bathing suit on, let alone be in public. I knew that I had to do something since I will be getting married the following year. I finally decided to take action and join Fuse’s personal training program. I have now lost 12 lbs. of fat I and feel better about myself overall and more confident. ! And bring it on bikini season!

“I have now lost 12 lbs of fat I and feel better about myself overall and more confident!”

Before starting Jason’s Pittsburgh personal training program I would get home from work and I would plop down on the couch and relax; primarily because I had no energy and no motivation. I would cuddle up and eat my comfort foods as I slowly gained weight each month. After a while I became disgusted with my lifestyle and decided to give this program a shot. When I started the program I was 154 pounds and in poor shape. Before I knew it I lost 20 pounds of fat and can’t believe my new body. I am toner, stronger, and healthier than ever before. I proud to say that today I no longer dread going to the closet to get dressed, nor do I dread shopping for clothes!

“Before I knew it I lost 20 pounds of fat and can’t believe my new body!”

Before joining this program I was unsatisfied with my fitness and myself in many ways. I always felt tired and had very low energy. For me, exercise felt embarrassing. My diet was unbalanced and filled with processed foods. All of this led to a rise in my clothing size and an increased lack of confidence. After participating in his women’s personal training in Pittsburgh for 7 months, I have lost 33 pounds. I track my daily nutrition and have set up a plan to guarantee successful eating habits. I know I could not have achieved these fitness and nutritional results by just going to a Pittsburgh gym. This program’s interval training and combination of strength, core, and cardio work is something I could not find anywhere else. The most amazing part is… I see changes in my strength and endurance each week and continue to be challenged. Today, I am filled with energy and look forward to maintaining my active lifestyle.

“After participating in Jason's personal training program in Pittsburgh I have lost 33 pounds!”

I had been overweight my entire life but for the most part never felt like it really held me back that much- I still participated in school activities, had a great group of friends & had an average amount of self- confidence. I never once thought that I would ever weight 300+lbs; I think I always just assumed that one day I would simply lose the extra weight or that it was impossible for me to become morbidly obese without living life just sitting on the couch & eating all day but I discovered how very wrong I was when I stood on the scale in October of 2009, at the age of 23, and the number staring back at me was 352lbs. It was at that moment I knew my life needed to change or that I was in very serious danger-not just in regards to my health but also in that I knew if I didn’t change I was going to miss out on many of the joys that life can bring. I started working out with Jason almost a year ago & with his counseling on nutrition & some of the psychological factors of weight loss as well as his workouts, I have been able to continue to lose weight steadily, tone my body, as well as develop muscle strength & physical performance I never thought possible. Jason and his staff understand all of the different factors that play into weight loss & have played a major role in my weight loss success! To date I have lost 150lbs and am still working hard to meet my final goal of 175lbs lost

“To date I have lost 150lbs!”

As a leading Pittsburgh personal trainer, I know firsthand that if you don’t back up your workouts with the proper nutrition, and with complete accountability, then you’re going to come up short.

That’s why at Fuse Fitness Studio, we’ve built a comprehensive transformation program which anybody can utilize.

When you work with Fuse Fitness Studio and choose us to be your Pittsburgh personal trainer or your group personal training program, you’ll be on your way to a major breakthrough:

  • Say goodbye to flabby arms, jiggly butts, stomach pouches and more
  • Feel confident and comfortable in your body, and attractive to the opposite sex
  • Maximize your energy and crush your stress
  • Increase strength, torch fat, and tighten your physique
  • Receive one-on-one support, coaching and guidance, and a welcoming community

Shed Fat, Tone Up and Feel Amazing – or Get Your Money Back!

Unlike other programs which don’t address nutrition, personalize workouts to your body and your needs, or provide you with support, at Fuse Fitness Studio, Pittsburgh personal training programs are comprehensive, complete and tailor-made for you.

You’ll be performing accelerated 30 to 40 minute workouts that allow you to get in and out, without wasting your time at the gym. You’ll be blasting away fat and increasing your strength, and you’ll be doing it all in less time than ever.

If you’re sick of wasting time and money, and seeing poor results, then choose the Fuse Fitness Studio as your personal trainers in Pittsburgh. The results not only speak for themselves, as you’ll look and feel amazing — but they’re also completely guaranteed!

Our Exclusive Pittsburgh Personal Training Programs Include…

  • Cutting-edge fitness routine personalized for you 
  • Ongoing nutrition support and guidance
  • Hassle-free, done-for-you meal plans 
  • Monthly accountability calls to keep you on track
  • Unlimited coaching with the best Pittsburgh personal trainers 
  • Members only website
  • Members only fitness newsletter 
  • Unlimited fitness assessments
  • Customized workouts and out-of-town training plans 
  • Free access to educational seminars

You’ll get all of this and more, for one price – and if you don’t see results in 90 days, you get your money back!

The Fuse Fitness Studio is far more than another Pittsburgh boot camp or gym. It’s a supportive community with full personal training services, satisfied clients, dedicated Pittsburgh personal trainers on hand, and a comprehensive workout, nutrition and fitness package designed to produce sensational results quicker than ever.

Fuse Fitness Studio’s Exclusive Personal Training in Pittsburgh
Your Ordinary Pittsburgh Studio, Boot Camp Program or Gym
  • Safe, personalized programs for real people to get great results
  • Tight-knit community with fun, engaging workouts
  • No guesswork with done-for-you meal plans which fuel your body
  • Cutting-edge personalized workouts with multiple levels
  • Unlimited support, 1-on-1 guidance
  • Unsafe military style workouts and fads
  • Boring gym memberships and repetitive programs
  • Restrictive diets that drain your energy
  • One-size-fits-all workout plans ignoring your needs
  • Left to fend for yourself and lost in the mix after signup
Bethel Park

Before joining Fuse I was actually gaining weight working out at the gym 3-4x per week. After joining Fuse I was able to finally lose 24 pounds in 3 1/2 months!

“ I was able to finally lose 24 pounds in 3 1/2 months!”

I am not a big junk eater, but never had portion control. I would waste my time going on the treadmill and the ellitptical and thought I was getting a great workout in, but I was not seeing any results. I felt uncomfortable joining the gym working out around muscle builders and advanced weight lifters. I have tried the weightwatchers and other fad diets and got frustrated when I couldn’t get past losing25 pounds and not to mention I would put it back on when I stopped the program. I was browsing online and found Jason’s Pittsburgh personal training program and my life has changed forever! I started the boot camp in January 2011 to get healthy and lose weight before my wedding in May 2011, and by April 2011 I was down 30 pounds of fat! I could not believe it! They show you the beginner all the way to advanced workouts, so you never feel “stupid” and you work your way up to advanced levels, the great thing is that everyone is on different levels so you don’t feel like you have to be doing a certain workout. It’s simple, eat well and work out and you will see results!

“I could not believe it! I was down 30 pounds of fat! ”

After working with more than 500 clients and leading Pittsburgh personal training sessions for more than eight years, I’m positive that at Fuse Fitness Studio, we’ll help you reach your fitness goals.

We produce results, and we produce them in a fraction of the time -
I guarantee it.

Or Call 800-390-6080

Fuse Fitness Programs and Location

Private 1 on 1 Personal Training

If you are looking for a private personal training and coaching experience look no further. Our private fitness programs include done-for-you meal plans, grocery lists, personalized home workouts, customized studio workouts, and much more. We offer 100% free fitness consultations for those looking for a private training experience. Call 800-390-6080 to schedule your consultation today!


Group Personal Training 40 Minute Women’s Only

This is not another Pittsburgh Boot Camp Program. The creator of Fuse Fitness Studio, Jason Zawodniak, is also the founder of Pittsburgh’s top fat loss program for women, formally called Just for Her Boot Camps. He later changed the name after learning how most “boot camps” trained their clients. Jason’s new 40-min program is perfect for beginners to advanced participants that want fast results. Sorry, no guys allowed in the 40-minute group personal training program — this program has been designed specifically for women’s fat loss and toning.

Women’s Group Workout Times: Each workout is 40 minutes in duration.
Monday – Wednesday – Friday
5:30AM, 6:30AM, 9AM, 5:30PM, 6:25PM


Group Personal Training 30 Minute Co-Ed

This high intensity co-ed 30-minute program is the next level group personal training in Pittsburgh, PA. Our 30-minute training model is loaded with the most advanced training techniques and equipment available today. While most group fitness programs focus on simply getting you tired, sore, and sweaty, this program offers cutting edge programs to maximize your strength, toning, and fat loss.

Co-Ed Times: Each workout is 30 minutes in duration
Monday – Wednesday – Friday


Fuse Fitness Studio 4136 Library Road Pittsburgh PA 15234

It doesn’t matter how many different programs, infomercial products and fad diets you have tried in the past. The complete transformation package, Pittsburgh personal training or advanced group training sessions at Fuse Fitness Studio is the last program you’ll ever need.

Get ready to look and feel better than ever and receive the coaching and support you need to remain motivated and on track.

We’ll get you ready to take on the world, get on the fast track towards real success and completely transform your body. Shed fat, tone up and feel amazing today – and get started today!


Jason Zawodniak
Fuse Fitness Studio

PS. You’ll never regret the day that you choose me for your new Pittsburgh personal trainer. Plus, with my 90-day ironclad money back guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk. What are you waiting for? I’ll see you at the next personal training session at Fuse Fitness Studio!