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Women’s Boot Camp 2.0

The creator of Fuse Fitness Studio, Jason Zawodniak, is also the founder of Pittsburgh’s top fat loss program for women, Just for Her Boot Camps. He has decided to bring his very popular Pittsburgh boot camp program into his private training studio. This 40-min program is perfect for beginners to advanced participants that want fast results. Sorry, no guys allowed in our 40-minute boot camp program — this program has been designed specifically for women’s fat loss and toning.

Advanced Group Training (AGT)

This high intensity co-ed 30-minute program is the next level of boot camp workouts and personal training in Pittsburgh, PA. Our 30-minute AGT model is loaded with the most advanced training techniques and equipment available today. While most group fitness programs focus on simply getting you tired, sore, and sweaty AGT offers cutting edge programs to maximize your strength, toning, and fat loss.

Private One on One Personal Training

While our Pittsburgh boot camp and AGT program will knock out any goal you have some people prefer a one on one session. While most Pittsburgh gyms and studios continue to focus on boring and ineffective equipment we can ensure you that this is not the case since we have some of the best personal trainers in Pittsburgh in the FUSE family. We focus on building programs specifically designed for our clients and NOT a generic one size fits all program. If you want one on one personal training in Pittsburgh please contact us ASAP since we only take a small group of 3-4 people in each month.
Instead of us rambling about our programs we want to give you a 2-Week VIP Pass (ONLY $29) so you can experience it for yourself.

We take a limited number of people in each class to maintain the high quality workouts so please call us 800-390-6080 to reserve your FUSE Vip Pass today!

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