Pittsburgh Personal Trainer Reveals “Warm Up” Secrets Part 1

When most people think about getting “in shape” they often think about going on a diet, jogging, joining a Pittsburgh gym or possibly buying the newest fitness/weight loss DVD on the market. Unfortunately, these popular choices often lead to a path of frustration since they typically do not end in a successful long term body transformation.

There are many reasons why these popular weight loss “solutions” typically end in frustration so I wanted to break it down by first addressing a component of the fitness program most people forget – and that is the warm up.

While most people are shocked to hear the warm up is a key player in a weight loss and toning program I can ensure you that you will not do well in the long run without the proper warm up prior to starting your fitness program. The actual fitness program components will have to wait for another post since it gets a little complicated. That said, your workout is only as good as your flexibility and core strength – which the warm up directly addresses.

Okay, here are the two main reason’s we MUST warm up first if we plan on shedding fat and toning up in the fastest time possible.

And you’ll notice jogging or riding the elliptical are not mentioned as part of our warm up. They are actually a poor warm up since they both neglect the two key areas below.

1) Turn off tight or restricted areas in your body.
We ALL have areas where we are tight. These tight areas must be addressed prior to working out to ensure your able to move well. In other words, if you have limited movement in your calf/ankle area you will have also have limited your ability to squat, run, jump and many key areas.

2) Turn on the weak areas
Many Pittsburgh Personal Trainers call it “activating” while many others call if “pre-hab”. Regardless of what it’s called we need to simply strengthen or “wake up” our weaker areas prior to working out. You can think of it as a mini 5-8 minute workout that will allow your body to get ready for the workout ahead. The key areas we address here are our hips and upper back/shoulders since they are commonly the weakest.

By doing these two first prior to working out I can ensure you that you will have far less injuries and dramatically increase flexibility and core strength allowing you to progress faster than you ever have before.

Part 2 of the Warm Up Secrets Coming soon!

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