The Perfect Fitness Plan for Weight Loss and Toning

A proper workout routine requires proper planning and goal setting. As you know, fitness and nutrition are important factors that can determine that overall looks of our bodies. If you want a body that looks and feels good, then you should sit down and figure out how you are going to achieve that goal.

Before we get to the subject of creating a plan, you need to make sure you know how to perform an exercise when adding it to your routine or else you may cause unnecessary injury and stress. If you are in pain after working out, not to be confused with being sore, then it is likely you have improper form while doing the exercise or you are over-working your muscles with a weight too heavy. When you first started exercising, it is only natural to feel sore since the body was not used to physical activity, but after a few days this feeling should cease. “No pain no gain” is a saying that should not be applied, as pain means injury so you should consult with your physician if it occurs.

A proper fitness plan will contain these three types of workouts:

1) High Intensity Interval Training “Cardio”?Exercises:
While there are endless exercises that fall into this category it’s important to know that you should be increasing the intensity (speed and/or resistance) of your cardiovascular program. In addition, it’s very important for beginners to focus on the slower variations to ensure their safety. A common card exercise we use are shuttle runs. We often focus on 30 seconds fast sprints forward and back followed by a 30 second rest. Beginners can start by simply walking more.?
Benefits: Improves lung capacity, stamina, metabolism, and burns calories.

??2) Resistance?Exercises:
Weight Lifting.
?Benefits: Builds tone and improves overall balance.??

3) Soft Tissue/Flexibility/Mobility?Exercises:
Foam rolling and flexibility/mobility exercises?
Benefits: Warms-up/Cools-down muscles, prevents injury, increases efficiency, improves range of motion, and decreases recovery time.

It is important to mix the above types of workouts into a single routine for maximum results. Start with stretching to warm the muscles up then move into your high intensity card for 5-10 minutes followed by your progressive strength training program.. End your routine with several more stretches to prevent the possibility of injury and to improve muscle growth.

A fitness plan needs to focus on the nutrition aspect as well. Avoid processed, sugary junk foods like chips, crackers, and baked goods as they contain fatty carbohydrates with no nutritional value at all. Consume only healthy, organic food such as fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. For those wanting to build muscle, be sure to eat plenty of foods filled with protein and good carbohydrates for proper muscle fuel. Water is another important factor to consider. An intense workout will cause the body to lose water from sweating, so drink plenty of it.
Coming up with your own fitness plan can be quite troublesome which is why people look into Pittsburgh personal training. Consulting with a personal trainer is the best way to come up with the perfect fitness plan. We will analyze your body type and come up with a customized plan based on it. By following a proper fitness and nutritional routine, you will soon have the healthy and strong body you desire. Call or email us now to get started.

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